CapNYS for Windows/ English version

CapNYS2(64bit)/Version6.6:2024/2/9(39MB) English version download

Software Overview

This software is designed to merge infrared nystagmus camera images with head position information, creating a dynamic head position animation. If a medical device manufacturer's infrared nystagmus camera device is connected to a Windows PC, both the nystagmus image and head position can be simultaneously recorded using this software. Head position can be input through the keyboard or mouse. Additionally, you have the option to create your own motion sensor device and attach it to goggles, allowing for automatic head position information retrieval. Alternatively, you can use the iPhone's motion sensor by installing the GyrOSC application.
Once the M5StickCPlus is attached to the goggles, the software can automatically receive head location information from the M5StickCPlus via Bluetooth.
If you encounter an issue where CapNYS2 fails to start due to a "vcruntime140_1.dll is missing" error, you can resolve this by downloading and installing the "Redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022" from the Microsoft website.

1) input:manual:mouth, touch screen, ten keys, ten-key board

Above is a screenshot of the manual mode inspection. Using a mouse or touchscreen, you can input the head position by clicking or touching any of the nine boxes displayed above. Alternatively, you can utilize the numeric keypad or keyboard to input a head position. If you lack a numeric keypad, you can use the '789uiojkl' keys on your keyboard.

I, wearing a mask, am pressing the numeric keypad. The upper left corner of the image shows a head animation (seated mode).

2) auto:self-made motion sensor device

Once the self-made sensor device is attached to the goggles, head position data can be captured automatically. The sensor device can be made with two components: the arduino-pro-micro and the MPU6050. The total cost is about 1,000 yen.

3) auto:iPhone appli "GyrOSC"

You can also use the iPhone motion sensor by installing the GyrOSC application on the iPhone.

4) auto:M5StickCPlus

With M5StickCPlus, which has a built-in motion sensor, head position can be automatically entered via Bluetooth. The software AxisOrange must be installed on the m5stick to eject the data from the built-in motion sensor via Bluetooth. If you install VSCode (Visual Studio Code) on a Windows PC (or Mac) and install PlatformIO IDE from the Extensions menu, you can write AxisOrange to the M5StickCPlus.

iCapNYS for iPhone/ Version4.0:2023/07/25

This application creates animations of head movements from iPhone motion sensor values and composites them into eye movement videos. iCapNYS albums are created and eye movement videos are stored in them. Videos are listed on the top page and can be played by tapping on an item. Swipe left to delete an item. Videos can also be managed using the iPhone's Photos app.
Both the front and back cameras can be used. When using the front camera, simply hold it in place with your hand. If you use a simple device made of folded cardboard, as shown in the figure below, you can get even better images.

When I use the back camera, I cut a case I bought from Daiso as shown in the photo and fix the iPhone with double-sided adhesive gel tape. For translucent cases, I drill a hole where the camera lens hits.

The two videos below were taken with the front and back cameras. They were taken with the iPhone 12 mini in the supine position, moving the head position from lower right to lower left. The back camera is clearer.

The video below shows a WiFi Frenzel camera of Unimec Corp. Since version 3.4, a Wifi camera can also be selected. The video is recorded hand-held without being placed on goggles, so the image is quite shaky.

Below is the Apple store download site for iCapNYS. If you are viewing on an iPhone, click on the QR code.

iCapNYS - Version4.1(2023/10/01)
The latest version of the app is a beta version and is not available in the Apple Store, but can be used via TestFlight.
First, you need to install the following TestFlight app

Then install the iCapNYS app for TestFlight below.